At the June Lake Villager Motel our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of our guests, employees, and community. We are continually monitoring government and local policy updates, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to provide a safe and enjoyable environment.

All guests are asked to practice physical distancing by maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of space from others whenever possible. Guests should wear face coverings that fit securely over their nose and mouth if physical distancing is not possible. In addition, hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout the complex for guest use.

Our new safety guidelines have been posted in all guest rooms and public restrooms. Additionally, new sanitation protocols have been implemented.

  • Employees must wear face masks at all times unless stationed behind protective glass.
  • Employees have been educated on the known symptoms of COVID-19 and are required to stay at home if they have a fever, are short of breath or feel ill.
  • Our management team is available to address our guest concerns and provide a safe and enjoyable environment.

The June Lake Villager uses products to sanitize public areas and surfaces that have been proven to be effective against viruses, bacteria, and other infectious agents.

We have also increased the frequency of sanitizing all public areas and surfaces throughout the complex.

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