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"The Loop" What a Thrill

Nicholas Holloway has published a book set in our own June Lake. Goodreads has ranked this book with a 4.69 out of 5. Many of the reviews specifically talk about how perfectly he describes the 'starkly beautiful' landscape. This book is filled with complicated characters and a roller coaster of a plotline. If you are wanting a thriller that will keep you guessing without feeling forced, this is a must-read. Even if you are generally pretty good at guessing endings of books, this one will surprise you without feeling inauthentic. His descriptions really paint the beauty of the June Lake Loop.  

Holloway spent his childhood summers at June Lake. He told the Sierra News that he chose June Lake because "as a writer, my passion is landscapes. I like stories with a dynamic backdrop as the plot setting, and there is no place more beautiful or awe-inspiring than the June Lake Loop." It is evident in the reading that Holloway is a master of description. One reviewer on Goodreads said, "It is as if you are reading a picture, each page a detail that lends itself beautifully to the whole." Holloway's book paints a picture of June Lake that is beautiful, thrilling, and chilling. 

You can get The Loop on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon, and many other book stores. Holloway says he is working on a prequel to this book, as well as a few other projects. We cant wait to see what else this new author produces.