Beat the cold while in the snow!

We all know the feeling- you’re sitting on a ski lift after a morning of fun and you are so cold all you want to do is call it a day. Your toes are numb, your fingers are cold, your eyes hurt from the glare of the snow and somehow despite your expensive coat, you feel wet to your bones. My friends, what could have been a full day of fun in the powder will be ruined quickly if we don’t go prepared for the slopes. No one wants to go home after half a day but you also don’t want to power through the cold and be miserable wondering when you have gotten your money’s worth and can call it a day. Good news- we’ve got the tips and tricks to keep you warm while you race down those mountains.

  • 1. Don’t get cold to start with!

Yeah, this sounds like a no-brainer but it’s the most important tip. Don’t put your feet in your boots when they are cold or your hands in your gloves if they are freezing. Warm feet and hands will stay warm longer.

  • 2. Get good gear!

There is a reason people spend a lot of money on skiing and snowboarding gear- it’s worth it! Make sure that the gloves you are wearing are designed not just for cold but for snow! They need to be waterproof and weather-proof. Wearing the right pants, jackets and hats will keep your dry and warm for the entire day.

  • 3. Think about where you are skiing.

Will the sun be out all day? Bring good sunglasses. Will you be skiing in rain or really wet snow? Better make sure that your clothes are water-proof.  If you will be hiking up the mountain make sure your first layer of clothes are breathable so the sweat wicks off your body. Dress for the specific location and forecasted weather.

  • 4. Disposable hand and foot warmers.

These are small, easy to carry and can be just the trick when your hands get to feeling chilly. Be cautious when using these that you have a layer between them and your skin!

  • 5. Only wear one pair of socks-but make sure they are really good socks!

More than one pair of socks will make your boots fit too small and cause your feet to sweat, making them much colder in the long run. Instead of layering lots of socks that are subpar wear one pair of socks that are really good quality!

  • 6. On that note- don’t curl your toes.

Curling your toes restricts blood flow. When you are on the lift stretch those little toes out- blood flow keeps your feet warm.

  • 7. Get some Liners.

There are great boot and glove liners on the market. They fit inside your boots or gloves and keep you warm and dry. They are worth every penny.

  • 8. EAT.

It takes a lot of energy to have that much fun in the snow so make sure you have enough food in your system to sustain yourself as you play. There are great energy bite recipes you can find that are small and packed with all the fuel you will need. Either pack in some food you can easily grab or budget in buying food to maximize your time.

  • 9. Take Breaks.

About every hour take a 10-minute break. Go into the lodge and warm up. Sit down for a minute. Taking a break will enable you to stay out longer overall. If you don’t then you can get overly tired which will make it even harder for your body to maintain its temperature.

  • 10. Warm up your stuff.

Its normal for your gloves, boots, coat etc. to get wet eventually. On the cheap go find a bathroom with a hand dryer. Put your wet things underneath it to get them dry and warm. If there is a lodge close go sit by the fire. Put everything that is wet close enough to get dry- you will walk away with warm gear and a warm body.

With these 10 easy tips, you can now easily enjoy a full day flying down the slopes. At the end of the day, we look forward to making your hotel experience comfortable and warm. Leave your worries behind and join us for a wonderful wintery escape in beautiful June Lake!

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