Summer Activities

June Lake is loaded with fun summer activities. Go fishing, biking, boating, kayaking, stand up paddle board, wakeboard , jump off the Gull Lake rope swing, or hike miles of trails, visit Yosemite National Park, Mono Lake, and Bodie ghost town. Go for a bike ride, a horseback ride, or go camping just about anywhere! There is no shortage of fun things to do in and around the June Lake Loop.

Winter Activities

Drive 1 mile to beautiful June Mountain, or take a 20-minute drive to Mammoth Mountain for a fun day of alpine skiing or snowboarding. Snowshoe, cross country ski, go sledding, or snowmobile on the miles of forest service trails. When it's freezing outside, enjoy ice skating or ice climbing!

Ski and snowboard at the relaxing, uncrowded, beautiful, June Mountain

Paddle Boarding

Rent paddle boards at June Beach or Grant Lake Marina

Click the Pictures below for a Google Map of each location.Image result for june Beach

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Horseback Riding

Go horseback riding at the Frontier Pack Station

Frontier is a family run business that promises to give you the personal vacation you desire. Daily rides start at $40.  You can schedule an hour ride or an entire pack trip all over the mountains.  Click on their logo below for more detailed information.

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Catch an Alper's Trout in any of the lakes or streams.

Mountain Time

There is a good chance you will see some wildlife during your visit. Spot an eagle, osprey, coyote, bear, raccoons, or even a bobcat.

Hiking trails for every ability are everywhere and will take you to some of the most spectacular views.

Mountain bike on the many scenic trails around the June Lake Loop.IMG_0576

Take a 20-minute drive over to Mammoth to check out their world famous bike park and all of their lift access bike trails.
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Enjoy some Lake Time

Go for a little Swing...
Black Car Tire Tie on Brown Rope Near to Green Plant during Daytime

Enjoy the beautiful Lake Sunset
Silouhette of Person Seating on Stones Behind Body of Water

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Have a bonfire at Gull Lake Park or June Lake Beach
Flock of Birds Flying and Diving over Water during Daytime

Wakeboard, waterski, or jet ski at Grant Lake.
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Winter Around Town

Enjoy a short breathtaking walk to Gull Lake Marina and stick around to ice skate if it is frozen!
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Warm up with a bowl of soup, a hot chocolate, or a plate of Tiger Chips next door at the Tiger Bar and Cafe.

Snowbunny Activities

Miles of cross-country trails will keep you busy and entertained.

Have fun sledding on many different hillsFree stock photo of snow, women, happy, joy


Snowmobiling in June's backcountry is amazing and easily accessible.
Yellow and Black Snowmobile