Directions to the June Lake Villager Motel

The June Lake Loop or Highway 158 connects at both ends onto Highway 395 just a few miles south of Mono Lake.

COMING FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: the fastest route is to cross Donner Summit (Interstate 80) or Echo Summit (Highway 50) and then drive south on 395. Other passes such as Carson, Ebbetts, Sonora, and Tioga will also work. Approx: 2 hr 24 min (125 miles).

FROM CENTRAL CALIFORNIA: residents may wish to cross via Tioga Pass through Yosemite. Be prepared for a long, although scenic, drive. Approx: 3 hr 13 min (148 miles).

FROM FURTHER SOUTH: Walker Pass will lead to Highway 395 and then north to Mono Lake. Approx: 3 hr 9 min (194 miles).

FROM THE LOS ANGELES AREA: residents already know to head north on Highway 14 until it connects with 395. Approx: 5 hr 29 min (315 miles). FROM THE ORANGE COUNTY AREA: Take Highway 15 north until it connects with 395. Approx: 6 hr 37 min (358 miles). No matter which route you end up taking PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY!

June Lake Villager Motel
+1 760-648-7712
2640 California 158
P.O. Box 127 June Lake, CA 93529

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